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Residence permit in Estonia

If the board member of firm lives out of Estonia, he can manage the entity remotely, having necessary people hired for this purpose. In this case he isn’t obliged to pay salary to himself or can pay it not systematically, in the ratio with available resources. If the foreign entrepreneur has a desire to work in Estonia, he shall apply for residence permit in Police and Boundary department. For the foreigners that wish to receive residence permit in Estonia, there are quotas constituting 0,1% of the population of the country pet year. During 2012 a quota constituted 1008 people.

To submit the petition for residence permit for implementation of business activity in Estonia, the entrepreneur shall make an investment contribution into development of Estonian economy. For the individual entrepreneur this amount constitutes 6400 euros, for the legal entity – 64000 euros. This amount shall be on the settlement account of the entrepreneur and there shall be a business plan for use of this money. The firm shall exist in the market of Estonia at least 5 months and to be profitable. The board member shall get paid; at least average of the country, increased by coefficient – 1,24. Today this amount constitutes 1050 euros a month (gross).

More detailed information on getting a RP can be read on РРА website.

We offer you the help in case of registration and submission of documents on urgent residence permit for work or for business activity.

Help in case of paperwork for receipt of urgent RP 5500 euros/ packet
Help in case of prolongation of urgent RP 700 euros/person
Consultation on receipt of urgent RP 80 euros/hour

The receipts tax isn’t included in the cost of services.