1. We provide high-quality complex services in maintenance of business of our clients.
  2. We follow the principles of responsibility before the client and methodical approach to each requirement, according to specifics of the organization.
  3. We approach the tasks set before us creatively therefore our clients will not have unsolvable situations.
  4. We consist of professionals who can quickly and steadily resolve any issues surely.
  5. We guarantee results, which meet our customer’s expectations.


We will help to check not only reliability of the published financial reporting, but also correctness of maintenances of business and tax accounting, we will give advice on expense optimization and tax risks.

Financial Director

While the accountant gives you a report on the past and current business situation, the Financial director can help you calculate and consider your financial options so you can carry out all your entrepreneurial plans.


A full set of accounting services both for small and medium-sized companies.


A required part of a company’s board includes daily reports, statements, contracts etc. You can give all those responsibilities into the hands of professionals, thus saving a lot of time and effort.


The HCAD program (Human Capital Analysis & Development) – is based on increase of overall performance of all company, through work systematization of a human capital. We suggest you to invite our consultant to see a demo version of the program and to go through a short presentation.