External statutory audit

According to the Estonian legislation, joint-stock companies and partnerships are obliged to book audit of the financial reporting corresponding to the following criteria:
The jury auditor that cooperates with our company will check reliability of your financial reporting and will draw the independent conclusion.

External voluntary audit

Some companies aren’t obliged to pass audit inspection, but want to make it “for themselves” or for users of their financial reporting. We will help to check not only reliability of the published financial reporting, but also correctness of maintenances of business and tax accounting. We will carry out monitoring of compliance of reflection of transactions to the legislation of the Republic of Estonia, good accounting customs or IFRS, we will check correctness of understanding of the tax legislation and declaring of the tax liabilities.


This type of check suits most for room partnerships and other non-commercial associations, and also segments of activities of commercial organizations. We will make expense and income analysis of your consolidation, we will check relevance and reliability of their reflection, we will give advice on expense optimization and tax risks.

Internal audit

Often users of the financial reporting before making any decision want to weigh and estimate everything soberly. We will carry out the risk analysis, connected with accounting and tax accounts, we will help to reveal risks at all stages of your business activity.

Cost of services of the auditor:

External statutory audit 85 euros/hour
External voluntary audit 65 euros/hour
Revision 60 euros/hour
Risks assessment 100 euros/hour
The analysis of market value of the transfer prices, including the main file from 3500 euros
Other tasks of internal audit 100 euros/hour
Other services of the auditor according to the arrangement

The receipts tax isn’t included in the cost of services.