Recently we became partners with the Russian developers of human resources management – the HCAD program.

The HCAD program (Human Capital Analysis & Development) – is based on increase of overall performance of all company, through work systematization of a human capital.

The program allows you to measure efficiency of the organization or a department, providing not only results of measurement, but also high-quality recommendations for the head of the company on development of each employee.

HCAD allows you to carry out the analysis (diagnosis) of any number of the personnel in a short period of time (20-25 minutes), after which, the head receives a portrait of employees, revealing thus those spheres and those competences in which this or that employee needs to develop more.

Together with a portrait of employee, the head receives its own portrait, which shows how he sees an employee and can compare his own perspective with a perspective of employee and with program conclusions.

The program gives the high-quality solutions for personnel management, giving to the head a vector or the direction in which he needs to develop this or that employee, which in a consequence will increase efficiency of all personnel, division and the whole company in general.

We suggest you to invite our consultant to see a demo version of the program and to go through a short presentation. Meeting will take no more than 30-40 minutes.

The cost of use of HCAD depends on number of employees in the company:

The basic version (for the company of up to 5 people) 149 euros
Complete version:
From 6 – 100 people 1 199 euros
From 101 – 1 000 people 1 488 euros
From 1 001 – 10 000 people 4 049 euros
More than 10 000 people 26 419 euros
Preparation of additional specialized questionnaires from 500 euros/piece
Consultation and the analysis of the questionnaires completed with workers by our specialist 30 euros/ hour
Viewing a demo version of the HCAD program and going through a short presentation Free