Financial Director

Heads of the companies often possess creativity and charisma, but seldom are able to properly evaluate their financial capabilities for implementation of the ideas. For such people the service “financial director” was created. What is the difference between “accountant” and “financial director” services? The accountant will tell you what has already occurred, but financial director will tell you what will happen in the future and what can be changed in the present that the future could be more attractive.

Cost of services of the financial director:

Creation of budgets, financial plans, expense budgets 65 euros/hour
The business plan for receipt of grants or the credit (10-30 pages, including calculations) 700-2000 euros
Analysis of tax risks of the transaction (in writing) 500 euro
Financial management consultation without the preliminary analysis of a situation 40 euros/hour
Financial management consultation with the preliminary analysis of a situation 85 euros/hour
Business valuation 85 euros/hour
Other services of the financier according to the arrangement

The receipts tax isn’t included in the cost of services.