We offer high-quality accounting servicing to the small and medium scale commercial enterprises that run the business in all fields of activity.

The standard service package includes:

  • accounting organization;
  • control and handling of source documents;
  • entering of purchasing accounts in accounting registers;
  • entering of sales in accounting registers;
  • entering of transactions according to the bank statement in accounting registers;
  • entering of cash documents in accounting registers;
  • creation of expense reports;
  • accounting of the main property and depreciation;
  • provision of tax declarations in Tax and Customs department;
  • salary accrual, vacation pay, awards, hospital;
  • 2 hours of consultations by e-mail and by phone, including the sphere of export, import and transit, the recommendation about making and registration of transactions.

The cost of a standard service package per month according to the number of transactions:

Up to 10 transactions 190 euros
From 11 to 50 transactions 280 euros
From 51 to 100 transactions 360 euros
From 101 to 150 transactions 440 euros
From 151 to 200 transactions 520 euros
Over 200 transactions per month payment according to the arrangement

The standard service package implies handling of documents and entering of transactions into accounting registers once a month. In case of need for more frequent entering of operational information (by customer’s requirement). The prices are decided separately.

The cost of the other services connected to the analysis of economic activity:

The annual economic statement 120 euros + accounting cost, proceeding from a quantity of transactions in a year
The annual economic statement for regular (monthly) customers Average cost of services in a month
Interim balance sheet 30 euros
The statistic report to the Central Bank of Estonia 30 euros
Statistic report EKOMAR 30 euros
Statistic report INTRASTAT 20 euros
Transformation of the financial reporting 60 euros/hour
Other statistic reports 10 euros/ page
Inventory accounting 0,68 euros / 1 line item
Inventory count of property of the client 60 euros/hour
Departure to an office or to a warehouse of the client 35 euros

For the fields of activity with increased complexity or additional risks, costs of services are estimated taking into account the following coefficients:

More than 30% of transactions occur in foreign currency 1,2
Repeated real estate transactions 1,3
Large amount of credit agreements and active movement of borrowed funds 1,5
The activities connected with tax risks 1,8
Sale/purchase of financial instruments, calculations by equity instruments 2,4
Urgent extraordinary work or work in the days off (on a customer requirement) 3
Other risks and difficulties according to the arrangement

The receipts tax isn’t included in the cost of services.