New entity

There are several legal forms for business activity In Estonia:

Individual entrepreneur (FIE)

Any physical person can become the individual entrepreneur.
This form of entrepreneurship needs to be registered in Tax department and in case of need in the Commercial register. The individual entrepreneur has no authorized capital therefore it answers to obligations with all it’s property. Financial accounting is conducted with a cash method. Also once in three months, FIE shall pay advance payment on the social tax, the amount is established by the law.

Complete partnership (TÜ)

This is commercial consolidation, which consists of several unit holders (at least 2). The unit holder can become both the physical person, and legal. Unit holders bear a joint liability according to liabilities of partnership and answer to all of them with the property. The law doesn’t establish the minimum size of a share of a complete partnership. Unit holders of TÜ agree about the sizes of the deposits in the agreement of creation of partnership and subsequently share the profit in proportion to everyone’s investment.

Partnership in commendam (UÜ)

The partnership in commendam is a commercial consolidation, which is formed by two or more physical persons or legal entities. At least one of them is the complete companion who is answering for obligations of a partnership in commendam with all it’s property; and at least one of persons – a commanditist – answers for partnership obligations in the amount of the contribution.

Limited liability partnership (OÜ)

The unit holder of this partnership can be one or more physical persons or a legal entity. The unit holder doesn’t bear the personal liability according to liabilities of OÜ, which is limited to the size of the authorized capital. The minimum authorized capital for OÜ registration in Estonia is 2500 euros. The authorized capital can be brought in directly, and it is also possible for it to be brought in during the term stipulated in advance.

Joint-stock company (AS)

This is entity, equity of which is divided into shares. The minimum authorized capital of AS in Estonia is 25000 euros, the minimum share par value – 0,1 euros.
There are several legal forms for business activity In Estonia:

For the entrepreneurs, wishing to begin the business in Estonia, we advise to register share partnership (OÜ) or joint-stock company (AS).

With all pleasure, we will help you with registration of your company:

Registration of share partnership (OÜ) 700 euros
Registration of joint-stock company (AS) 1500 euros
Consultation on the organization and conducting business activity 80 euros/hour